At UTZ it all starts with better farming. In 2017, our program reached more than 987,000 farmers and over 368,000 workers in 41 producing countries. (Source: Annual report 2017)

Validation tool for geolocation data (GPS points)

The Rainforest Alliance acknowledges that in order to address issues of assurance and deforestation, more transparency on the location of producers is needed. Therefore, the new standard will set strong requirements for group management, including data collection. In 2021, it will be mandatory for groups upon the first year of certification, to provide one GPS point per group member for at least 90% of the farms of the group. The point should be taken in the center of the largest farm unit of the group member.

Collecting data can be a laborious and costly task, therefore we encourage Certificate Holders to get ready and start building up their capabilities for geodata collection. In order to do so, we would like that Certificate Holders start providing a GPS point for the largest farm unit for each of their group members.

We have developed a functionality to check the provided geolocation. It is available for Certificate Holders and Certification Bodies. For coffee members, it can be found in MultiTrace, as part of the normal license request process. For GIP users for cocoa, it can be found in the link below.

UTZ certified members

Below the lists of UTZ certified members, both producers and companies (supply chain actors).

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