UTZ has a multi-stakeholder governance structure in line with ISEAL requirements.

The Supervisory Board (“Raad van Toezicht”) should at a minimum, have members drawn from the following groups: production, the supply chain (including brands, processors, trade, retailers), civil society/non-governmental organization and representative trade unions. The Supervisory Board is unsalaried, meets a minimum of three times a year, oversees the Executive Team and, for a number of important matters, the Supervisory Board’s approval is required before the Executive Team can pass resolutions. The Executive Team is formed by the Executive Director, the Global Markets Director, Innovation and Technology Director and the Program Director, who together are responsible for day-to-day affairs.

In 2011 the Standards Committee was set up. Their task is to adopt, on the basis of information and data provided by the stakeholders, new Codes of Conduct as well as revise existing codes.

Lastly, the Product Advisory Committees (PACs) support and advise both the Supervisory Board and UTZ staff on the development, implementation and revision of product specific programs. Members of the PACs possess knowledge of the production, trade, retail, and/or development of a brand.

Governance structure

Supervisory Board

Standards Committee