Better life

Better working conditions

UTZ demands that the rights of all workers are respected. Our Code of Conduct sets out clear criteria based on International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions. Independent monitors see to it that these criteria are upheld.

  • A safe and healthy work environment and effective safety measures
  • Sufficient rest and pay in accordance with national legislation
  • Access to clean drinking water, sanitation and health care
  • Good housing accommodations for workers
  • The right to form and join trade unions, no forced labor, no discrimination

Better care for next generations

UTZ wants all children of farmers and workers to grow up in healthy circumstances and in a safe environment. UTZ sets specific requirements for the protection and development of children, which includes schooling and playtime. Another area of special attention is the care for pregnant women.

  • No child labor
  • Informational sessions on the importance of going to school and health risks
  • Keeping hazardous materials away from children and drinking water
  • Medical care for mothers and children
  • Maternity leave for workers

Better life

Thanks to the UTZ program more and more farmers and workers feel healthy, motivated and respected. They get more opportunities to achieve their ambitions and so do their families. Their children go to school and are able to grow up in a safe and healthy environment. A better future for everyone.

I am happy because of UTZ because I am now one of the best farmers in my district and I was also elected as a lead farmer. I am one of the biggest farmers with 11.5 ha. I am having a good living with my family because of farming. UTZ taught me about good hygiene practices and at home I am a better mother because of it. Through training with UTZ I am also a leader in my community.

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