Better crop

Better farming methods

At UTZ, it all starts with better farming. After all, better farming makes a lot of other things better too: harvests increase, incomes go up, prospects improve and nature is safeguarded. When farmers apply new skills and techniques they are able to get more out of their business, their land and themselves.

  • Efficient use of land, water, fertilizer and manpower
  • The right way to plant, maintain and harvest crops
  • Development of recordkeeping and management plans
  • Managing risks such as persistent drought or excessive rainfall

Better crop

Better farming methods lead to better crop. Farmers with better crops have better prospects, which is what UTZ is about. Not only do the farmers produce more, they achieve better quality at lower costs. More and more farmers around the world now have more opportunities because of the UTZ program.

The UTZ certification brought along great benefits to our properties; the farms become much more organized than before. Equally important was the improvement noticed in the quality of the coffee itself!

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