There are several different ways that companies can source UTZ certified ingredients. We call these options as ‘traceability levels’, as they refer to how the ingredient can be traced through the supply chain.

The three options available in the UTZ program are Identity Preserved, Segregation and Mass Balance.

What is ‘Identity Preserved’?

‘Identity Preserved’ means that it is possible to trace the UTZ certified ingredient all the way back to the specific certification holder where it was grown.

What is ‘Segregation’?

Segregation means that the UTZ certified ingredient was kept separate from non-certified ingredients all the way through the supply chain.

What is ‘Mass Balance’?

Mass balance is a system commonly used in the cocoa sector. It means that UTZ certified cocoa can be mixed with non-certified cocoa in the supply chain. For example, if a company buys half of their cocoa as UTZ certified, they can put the UTZ label on half of their end products – even though these might not contain the UTZ certified cocoa. It is not allowed to sell more products as UTZ certified than the corresponding cocoa that was purchased. This system has made it possible to scale up the market for sustainable cocoa, which means more farmers benefit. Here: 5 things you need to know about mass balance.