When you see the UTZ label on a product, this means the company supports sustainable farming by sourcing UTZ or Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa, tea or hazelnuts or UTZ certified coffee.  UTZ certified ingredients are grown by farmers who have been trained to implement better farming practices, with respect for people and the planet. Farmers are regularly audited to ensure they comply with the sustainability standards of the UTZ program.

The labels refer to the coffee, cocoa, tea or hazelnuts in a product, not any additional ingredients such as sugar or milk.

There are several different ways that companies can source UTZ certified ingredients. Find out more here: Traceability Levels

Use the UTZ label on your products

In 2019 the UTZ name or logo appeared on more than 18,000 different products in 144 countries. Do you want to use the UTZ label on your product too? Join us!  

During the process of becoming a member of the UTZ program you can already start designing your packaging. Our online labeling assistant will help you pick the right label and text claim for your product. Read here how your brand can use the UTZ label.

Prefer to use the Rainforest Alliance seal?

That’s possible! We are proud to introduce our new Rainforest Alliance certification seal, which is available for companies sourcing UTZ or Rainforest Alliance certified products. This new seal replaces the UTZ label and current Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal and can be used by our partners on product packaging and promotional materials from September 1, 2020. Learn more about the new Rainforest Alliance certification seal and guidance on how to use it here.

This new seal is part of our new brand identity, following the 2018 merger between UTZ and the Rainforest Alliance and the development of our new organizational strategy. It represents a vision of sustainability as a journey of continuous improvement—one where transparency and shared responsibility can help us build a world where people and nature thrive in harmony.

“UTZ Part of the Rainforest Alliance” logo

UTZ Part of the Rainforest Alliance dual logoWe encourage companies to changeover to the new Rainforest Alliance certification seal at their earliest convenience.

However, to support companies sourcing UTZ certified products transition to and getting accustomed to being part of the Rainforest Alliance, we have a temporary corporate logo available.

This “UTZ Part of the Rainforest Alliance” logo may be used by companies when making a broad or corporate level claim off pack about purchases of UTZ certified materials, e.g. “We work with the Rainforest Alliance to source products from UTZ certified farms” or “We support more sustainable cocoa farming by sourcing UTZ certified cocoa.” It may also be used for off-pack claims about projects with UTZ certified farms. The “UTZ Part of the Rainforest Alliance” logo cannot be used on product packaging.

Please check the guidelines for use. All company communication, using the “UTZ Part of the Rainforest Alliance” logo must be submitted to and approved by the Rainforest Alliance prior to printing or publication, as per the current approval guidelines.

Questions about UTZ labeled end-products

If you have any feedback or (consumer) questions about an UTZ labeled product, please contact the retailer or the manufacturer of this product. The UTZ label on pack makes no claims about the quality of the end-product or its (other) ingredients.