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Climate Change

Climate Change related content and ready-to-use communications materials to help build your sustainability story.
Wherever you are in your sustainability journey, select and combine resources according to your business needs.

All about climate change

This page includes background information on climate change and links to climate related projects, articles and relevant documents at a glance.

All about climate change


Watch our webinar “Climate Change: too hot for coffee, cocoa and tea?” in English, German or Italian and download the handouts.

Recording & handout


What does UTZ think about climate change? And how does the UTZ program help to tackle climate change? This document sums it up in a nutshell.


Better Business Hub blog series

Questions and answers, farmer stories, research and impact, these blogs cover everything you need to know about climate change and UTZ.

Better Business Hub

Social media visuals

Ready-to-use visuals to raise awareness about the impact of climate change in coffee, cocoa and tea production through your social channels.

social media visuals

Farmer testimonials

Quotes from UTZ certified farmers about their experiences with the changing climate and how the UTZ program helps them adapt to these changes.

Farmer testimonials

Do you have a question about our work on tackling climate change or how you can communicate about it?

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