Coffee Climate Care (C3)

Farmers are often the first to be hit by effects of climate change such as rising temperatures, increased rainfall and droughts. Coffee producers in countries such as Vietnam have been especially affected, with disrupted flowering cycles and prolonged dry periods reducing both the quality and quantity of their crops.

At the same time, the coffee sector is not only being affected by a changing climate, it is also a large contributor to it. Through deforestation, mistreatment of waste, excessive use of water and imbalanced use of fertilizers, the coffee – and in general the agricultural – sector becomes a threat to our environment.

The project

For the last three years, UTZ and the DE Foundation have been working on an ambitious project with over 1,000 coffee farmers in Vietnam, to help them adapt to the effects of a changing climate and to introduce farming methods that work in harmony with the environment.

The Coffee Climate Care project, (known as C3) trained farmers in the causes and effects of climate change, as well as adaptation techniques including planting shade crops to protect their coffee plants from the intense heat (with the added bonus of providing extra crops for income), crop nutrition, efficient use of pesticides and mulching.

The training sessions also introduced new, low cost, irrigation methods to make the most of scarce water resources in the region.

The project in numbers

  • 139 trainers are ready to train farmers on how to deal with the challenges that climate change poses to them.
  • 1245 producers underwent several rounds of farmer field schools on the topic
  • 16 auditors were trained in climate change aspects relevant to their work

Read more about the outcomes and benefits of the project.

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