Sector change

Many of the challenges faced by farmers have their causes beyond the farm gate. That’s why we’re scaling up our partnerships within supply chains and across sectors to develop innovative and lasting collaborations for change.

UTZ focuses on the following issues:

Climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today. For the farmers and producers we work with, a lack of understanding on how to adapt could mean the loss of their business and their income. Meanwhile, bad agricultural practices such as slash and burn make a massive contribution to climate change.


Women still earn less than men, and have less access to education, healthcare, training and finance. They are also most often responsible for childcare, handling livestock and gathering food, fuel and water – time consuming traditional roles with little monetary value.

Child labor

Sadly, child labor still exists in many countries, often in the agricultural sector. Only when it’s been fully eradicated can a world where sustainable farming is the norm become a reality. It’s a tough challenge! That’s why we work with a powerful coalition of like-minded organizations and governments to fight child labor from every angle.

Living wage

At UTZ, we believe it is unacceptable that anyone in this world should have to choose between whether to send their children to school or whether to eat. A living wage is essential to ensuring a better standard of life for farmers, producers and their families, meaning they never have to face choices like this.

Strengthening Farmer Groups

Smallholder farmers often struggle to achieve a sustainable livelihood. They face high costs and low prices, and it can be difficult to access the inputs and services that would improve their business. A strong, professionally run farmer group helps overcome these challenges. uses cookies
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