All UTZ certified coffee, tea, cocoa and hazelnuts are produced according to the UTZ standard, which is guided by the principles of fairness and transparency. This helps us make the biggest difference possible in support of people, planet and profit. The standard operates through two sets of guidelines – our Code of Conduct (which covers the growing and harvesting process), and our Chain of Custody (which covers products from the moment they leave the farm to when they arrive on the shelves). These are:

  1. Developed in close consultation with a broad range of stakeholders, including a wide-ranging public consultation.
  2. Guided by our Board, which is made up of a mix of people from all levels of the supply chain.
  3. Based on International Labor Organization conventions, which means they represent an internationally recognized set of guidelines, reflecting the latest agreements, research and expertise in sustainable farming.
  4. UTZ is also a full member of the ISEAL Alliance, the global sustainability standards association. Through ISEAL, we develop and revise our Codes in cooperation with other standard-setting organizations. We also comply with the ISEAL Code of Good Practice.

Our Code of Conduct

Every UTZ certified product is grown in accordance with our Code of Conduct, which sets guidelines for better farming methods and working conditions, as well as better care for nature and future generations. To ensure compliance with the Code, all producers receive a regular check from independent auditors. Approval results in certification, which means farmers can sell their products as UTZ certified, and all sales are recorded in the UTZ certified traceability systems: MultiTrace (for coffee and hazelnuts), and the Good Inside Portal (for cocoa and tea). The Code of Conduct is based on a model of continuous improvement. From year one our farmers have to fulfill core criteria concerning safety, farm management and record keeping, employees and environmental protection. In subsequent years, more detailed requirements are added to allow farmers to develop and improve over time. The Code is reviewed and revised at least every five years. The next revision will be finalized in 2019.

Our Chain of Custody

It doesn’t end when the product leaves the farm gate. Every move UTZ certified products make through the supply chain follows our Chain of Custody. This is a set of rules designed to provide a high level of confidence that the product originates from or relates to an UTZ certified source. Every step of the journey is logged in the Good Inside Portal or MultiTrace respectively, meaning buyers and sellers know exactly how much product has come from UTZ certified farms. This helps ensure the very highest levels of transparency throughout the entire supply chain – something we are very proud of.