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Leading the way towards a more sustainable hazelnut sector.

Find all the information on the UTZ hazelnut program to support you in your sustainability efforts,

for both your communication and implementation activities.

Communication materials

Program overview

The complete overview of the hazelnut program to date, covering the key challenges in the hazelnut sector in Turkey and the actions the UTZ program is taking to tackle these. And a two-pager with just the highlights.

Program overview

Labeling your product

Are you labeling your product with the UTZ logo? Get instant advice on which label and text claim you can use in your package design from our online labeling assistant.

Online Labeling  Assistant

Communication guidelines

Key messages and FAQ’s, designed to help you develop your own communication material about the hazelnut program, and to answer questions about it.


Communication guidelines TK

Photo gallery

Beautiful photos of hazelnuts, orchards and farmers that you can include in your own communication materials.

Photo gallery

Farmer testimonials

Quotes of UTZ certified hazelnut farmers about their experiences with the program and their views on sustainability.

Farmer testimonials

Better Business Hub blog series

The ins and outs of the program presented in a series of short articles, including interviews with with staff, farmers, exporters and companies.

Better Business Hub

Implementation documents

UTZ hazelnut member list

Lists with the UTZ hazelnut members certified against the Code of Conduct (Producers/certificate holders), against the Chain of Custody (Supply Chain Actors) and a list approved Certification Bodies.

Member lists

Code of Conduct & Hazelnut Module

The Hazelnut Module is used along with the Core Code of Conduct and contains requirements applicable to hazelnut production and processing activities.

CoC & Hazelnut module

Chain of Custody & Hazelnut Annex

The Chain of Custody is a set of guidelines for supply chain actors and applicable to products from the moment they leave the farm to when they arrive on the shelves.

ChoC & Hazelnut annex

Q&A MultiTrace

Get to know the new traceability system of UTZ, MultiTrace. In a recorded webinar our colleagues explain how the system works and the Q&A answers your most burning questions.

Q&A MultiTrace

Certification Protocol

The UTZ Certification Protocol describes the process for becoming an UTZ certified member. It explains which members need to receive an audit, and how and when this audit must be conducted.

Certification protocol

Guidance documents

Different guidance documents for farmers, companies and CB’s, including guidance on premium, implementation for the hazelnut supply chain, the Internal Management System (IMS) and Good Auditing Practices.

Guidance documents

Banned Pesticides

The Banned Pesticides and Pesticides Watch list is developed to provide clarity about the UTZ’s pesticides approach, thus producers know which pesticides with highly hazardous characteristics must not be used for certified production.

Banned Pesticides list



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