Why join UTZ ?

Becoming an UTZ certified farmer brings big benefits. We are an internationally renowned label, highly regarded by consumers and suppliers alike. We can help you improve the sustainability and future prospects of your business, and open up new, long-term relationships with suppliers.

Better Farm Management

Through our Code of Conduct you can access expert support and training on how to improve the quality and quantity of your products. Guidance on soil improvement techniques, better harvesting, and adapting to changing weather patterns is all aimed at helping you produce better crops and ultimately a better, more sustainable, income.

Better Trade

Our expertise and knowledge means we can help you gain better access to markets, and we will support you to build up and maintain long-term relationships with buyers, meaning you can have much more confidence in your future income.

Better Living and Working Conditions

UTZ guidelines on health and safety, labor rights, environmental protection and education and training are all aimed at increasing your productivity.  When your working practices and employees are safe and protected, your business will go from strength to strength.

A Better Future

UTZ wants all children of farmers and workers to grow up in a healthy and safe environment. We set specific requirements for the protection of children, such as a ban on child labour. Through this, we help you build a business that suppliers and consumers respect, and that is more sustainable in the long term.

Join us

Thousands of farmers and worker all over the world have already improved their future prospects and feel healthy, motivated and respected thanks to their involvement with UTZ. You can achieve the same.

Why and how to join.