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One step closer to a new Standard: merging Chain of Custody certification process

While we continue to work hard on a new and improved certification program, we are beginning the transition process for companies. The first step is mutual recognition of the current Chain of Custody certification, which will simplify processes until the new certification is launched. This is how it can benefit companies.

In the news

5 years of UTZ hazelnuts: why this is the time for cocoa companies to get on board

Five years after launching the UTZ hazelnut program, it’s now easier than ever for cocoa companies to secure a steady supply of certified hazelnuts for their products. We talk with Leonie Haakshorst, manager of the program, to get an update on where we’re at now, the strides we’ve made and where the program is headed.

Certification: cost or investment?

A 2017 study on market potential for certified coffee in Belgium reveals that 3rd party certification could become the norm if large roasters would commit to sustainable sourcing. It also shows that certification schemes should collaborate to help change the perception of certification from a cost to an investment for companies.

An auspicious beginning

January 2018 marks an auspicious beginning for the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ, which have just formally merged into a new organization. Han de Groot, the CEO of the new Rainforest Alliance and the former executive director of UTZ, reflects on the shared vision that brought the two organizations together.

4 years in, an update on the UTZ hazelnut program

It’s been four years since we launched our hazelnut program. We check in for an update on the challenges of the sector, what we’ve done so far and how that informs our focus for the future.

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