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A living wage for all

We believe sustainable agriculture means workers are paid a living wage. That’s why we require that farms make progress towards paying a living wage to their workers. But it’s not an easy fix. We must work with companies, farmers, governments and NGOs to take the necessary steps towards achieving this. This is what you can do.

Pesticide data base now available – Which pesticides I am not allowed to use and why?

The ISEAL Integrated Pest Management (IPM) coalition is pleased to announce the launch of the Pesticide Database. The data base contains a list of prohibited or restricted pesticides with information on their hazards and restriction status according to each standard system part of the IPM coalition. Through this data base, the IPM coalition aims to […]

New report finds strong business benefits from certification

Why use a sustainability standard? A 2017 report commissioned by ISEAL Alliance, the sustainability standards membership group, shows the clear business benefits of certification: from reduced risk, to improved reputation and market access.

Sustainability standards key to achieving SDGs

Credible sustainability standards are key to achieving the 2030 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), helping scale-up companies’ efforts towards market transformation, a report from 2017 has found.

New research highlights living wage for coffee workers in Brazil

A living wage for workers on coffee farms in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil would be R$1629 (477 US dollars) per month, according to new research. The current prevailing wage is R$1307 (383 US dollars) per month. These are the findings of the latest living wage benchmark study to be published by the Global […]

The standard for standards – UTZ recognized as a credible sustainability program

We are very pleased to announce that the credibility of UTZ’s program for sustainable farming has been recognized once again by the ISEAL alliance, the global membership association for sustainability standards. On May 25, ISEAL’s Membership Committee found that UTZ demonstrates overall compliance with ISEAL’s Code of Good Practice for Setting Social and Environmental Standards (Standard-Setting […]

Your questions answered

With so many sustainability labels around, how can I know what’s credible?

Nowadays we are bombarded with different sustainability claims. How can you choose a trustworthy sustainability program, and how does this translate into effective communication with your consumers? We spoke to Lara Koritzke from the ISEAL Alliance about label confusion and credibility.

How credible is the UTZ standard?

How do you know you can trust UTZ? With so many standards to choose from, knowing what to look out for is important. From constant monitoring to strict standards, discover the UTZ credentials and all of the work that goes into upholding the UTZ Code of Conduct.

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