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A living wage for all

We believe sustainable agriculture means workers are paid a living wage. That’s why we require that farms make progress towards paying a living wage to their workers. But it’s not an easy fix. We must work with companies, farmers, governments and NGOs to take the necessary steps towards achieving this. This is what you can do.

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How does UTZ contribute to a Better Life?

The Better Life component of UTZ is all about improving the lives of workers and farmers around the world. We talk to Beth Hearn, communication specialist at UTZ, to learn more about the human side of certification and what UTZ is doing to make a difference.

How UTZ drives better wages for farm workers

In Feb. 2017 the Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC) published its 10th living wage benchmark, a significant step in ensuring farm workers are paid a decent wage. UTZ is committed to improving workers’ conditions and is one of the six standards working with the GLWC. But what exactly are these benchmarks and why are they needed?

Your questions answered

Does UTZ make sure workers are paid a decent wage?

The UTZ program means better incomes for farmers, and just as important are the more than 368.000 people who work on UTZ certified farms. Find out how UTZ contributes to workers receiving a decent wage.

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