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A living wage for all

We believe sustainable agriculture means workers are paid a living wage. That’s why we require that farms make progress towards paying a living wage to their workers. But it’s not an easy fix. We must work with companies, farmers, governments and NGOs to take the necessary steps towards achieving this. This is what you can do.

How UTZ empowers farmers to grow better crops

Highlighting the true benefits of the UTZ program starts with understanding one of our basic principles — better crop. We go over how better farming methods actually help farmers grow better crops and share impact materials that back up our claims.

Your questions answered

How does UTZ contribute to a Better Life?

The Better Life component of UTZ is all about improving the lives of workers and farmers around the world. We talk to Beth Hearn, communication specialist at UTZ, to learn more about the human side of certification and what UTZ is doing to make a difference.

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