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More than 610,000 cocoa farmers benefit from the UTZ program in 20 countries. In 2016, enough UTZ certified cocoa was sold to make 15 billion milk 100 gr. chocolate bars.

How can my brand use the UTZ label?

In 2018 the UTZ label appeared on more than 15,000 products across 130 countries helping brands to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable sourcing. How can companies use the UTZ label and what is the 3 step process for approving labeling requests?

Company audit tips

These tips will help ensure a smooth audit process for when you need a certification audit to verify your compliance with the Chain of Custody standard (ChoC). Read the Chain of Custody standard Read the Chain of Custody standard (ChoC) and make sure you comply with the applicable control points. Contact a Certification Body to […]

How to join UTZ for hazelnut companies

You can join today and become a member of the UTZ hazelnut program. REGISTER NOW   Registration and then? After your registration, you will receive your login details to access MultiTrace. Our member support team will assist you to assess whether you need to receive an audit and how you can start trading. Please note […]

Are two labels on a product better than one?

What does it mean when a product carries more than one label? Does the extra label add value? Does it hurt your brand? Find out why some products carry more than one label and why, in most cases, we think it may not be the best idea.

How to join UTZ for cocoa companies

All companies buying and/or selling UTZ certified cocoa products need to register as a member of the UTZ cocoa program. Please read below what this means for your company.   1) I want to source UTZ certified cocoa. Do I need a certification audit? In order to make sure that products with an UTZ claim […]

Palm oil

  Palm oil is the world’s most widely produced vegetable oil. It comes from the fruit of the oil palm, growing mainly in the tropical belt of Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. In these areas it is an important cooking ingredient. Worldwide it is used as ingredient in approximately half of all packaged goods […]

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