Visit the Rainforest Alliance Learning Network now!

UTZ Academy online is now the Rainforest Alliance Learning Network

Experience the Rainforest Alliance Learning Network wherever you are in the world.  Learn about sustainable agriculture and Rainforest Alliance certification in online courses and face-to-face trainings. Connect with trainers and get access to training materials.

Our high standards of training are unique. Our international trainers consist of passionate, qualified professionals with many years of experience, passing on their first-hand knowledge and expertise.

With our blended learning strategy and through the use of an online learning platform – Rainforest Alliance Learning Network (RALN, formerly UTZ Academy online) – we combine webinars, e-courses and face-to-face training courses, ensuring the RALN develops your experience and helps elevate your performance to the highest possible level.

RALN brings together knowledge from all over the world and allows our trainers to work together on the planning, design, roll out and follow up of our training courses.

In the RALN you will find personalized study plans and training courses tailored to your needs in order to give you the best possible learning experience.