There are 3 types of costs that may apply to the members of the UTZ cocoa program:

Program fee

UTZ charges a volume-based program fee of $12.90 per MT of UTZ certified cocoa in cocoa bean equivalent to the first buyer of UTZ certified cocoa (meaning: the company that buys the cocoa beans from the producer or producer group).


If you are the first buyer of the UTZ certified cocoa, you will negotiate directly with the producer or producer group on the UTZ premium – an additional cash amount paid above the market price you would pay for a similar conventional (non-certified/non-verified) product. The premium needs to be indicated in the UTZ traceability system.

Audit costs

If a certification audit is required to verify compliance with the Chain of Custody Standard, please contact one of the approved Certification Bodies (CBs). UTZ does not set the price for audit costs, nor interferes in the negotiation process, but we recommend that you contact various CBs to get the best possible offer (availability, costs, etc.)

The program fee is the only cost that UTZ charges to members in order to support and sustain our cocoa program. There is no fee charged for use of the UTZ label on finished products.

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Infographic Breaking down the costs of certification (English)