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Farmer cases

Voices from the field

“I am happy to be an UTZ farmer!”

Four years ago, Ghanaian cocoa farmer James Kojo-Acquah became UTZ certified. Since then his yields have tripled and he has earned enough extra income to send his children to university. This, he tells us, is making him very happy indeed.

Coffee Clima­te Ca­re project

From the Vietnamese highlands, a story about coffee and sun

To combat the rising temperatures and extreme weather patterns producers in Vietnam are facing due to climate change, UTZ has been running a 3 year project to help producers recognize and identify the risks they face and introduce measures that will enable them to adapt.

Voices from the field

A secure, sustainable supply of coffee with UTZ

Did you know that global coffee production is at risk? Climate change, pests and diseases and urbanization are just some of the issues that are not easily solved. But there is one thing we know: by sourcing sustainably produced coffee you are not only helping to secure your future supply of coffee but also contributing […]

Voices from the field

The power of women in farming

At UTZ we see the importance of supporting women farmers and workers around the world and work on gender equity through UTZ certification. Read the powerful stories of three female tea farmers.

Voices from the field

Meet the farmers: sharing stories from Côte D’Ivoire

Since UTZ launched its program for sustainable cocoa five years ago, it has grown to include more than 336,000 farmers, across 16 countries. That means real, tangible benefits: higher yields, bigger incomes and better living conditions for farmers and their families. The cocoa these farmers produce is enjoyed all over the world. You can buy […]

Company cases

Arvid Nordquist: why people and the environment matter

Swedish company Arvid Nordquist is a coffee producer and Nordic sales and marketing company for brands such as Hipp Baby food, Tabasco, Kikkoman and Del Monte. The company sets very high standards for sustainability – Marketing Manager Erica Bertilsson shares their story.

Rübezahl prioritizes sustainability by educating and responding to the consumer

German chocolate manufacturer, Rübezahl, focuses on growing sustainability in the cocoa sector by educating and responding to the end-consumer. They talked to us about how they address sustainability within their company, why they make sustainability a priority and their challenges for getting the sustainability message forward.

Taylors of Harrogate: committed to 100% certified

For family-run company Taylors of Harrogate, sustainability is in their genes. From a commitment to sourcing 100% certified tea and coffee, to building long-term ethical relationships with suppliers, the company recognizes the benefits for all involved of sustainable sourcing.

Martin Bauer: setting the standard for herbal teas

Martin Bauer is a leading supplier of teas, extracts and botanicals. After introducing their own sustainability standard for herbal teas, they partnered with UTZ to extend their market reach and credibility. Managing Director Sebastian Sieben explains the process.

Chocolates before Easter and toys before Christmas

Swiss retail giant Migros chose to work with UTZ in 2008 because of its approach. First coffee, then chocolates, followed by tea and since 2015, hazelnuts. More than a hot topic or trend, UTZ was the answer for Migros’ sustainability needs and is well received by employees and customers alike.

Great taste, strong ethics at Plamil

Plamil Foods UK puts the quality and purity of ingredients at the heart of its business. It is known for its dairy free, vegan and sugar free chocolate products which it manufactures on site and sells to consumers and wholesale customers. Its factory is powered by 100% renewable energy and it has been offering customers […]

From store to farm – traceability in action at IKEA

As a company with a strong ambition towards a better future, IKEA has integrated sustainability into every aspect of its business, sourcing many of its raw materials from certified farms. All of its coffee is UTZ certified and the company is committed to sourcing 100% UTZ certified cocoa in the IKEA chocolate range by 2015 […]

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination

Sustainability means many things to many people. For Woolworths South Africa it is a journey, a Good Business Journey, on which they are making great progress. We caught up with Tom McLaughlin and Tyrone Williams to find out a bit more about their Good Business Journey and their commitment to sourcing sustainable cocoa. Woolworths Good […]

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