Does your organization collect or grow herbal ingredients for tea? Or do you source herbal ingredients from (uncertified) producers? And do you want to sell these as UTZ certified? Register now for our herbal tea program.

Due to the high diversity of ingredients, complex supply chain structures and relatively small volumes, our herbal tea program differs from our other programs. Firstly, this program has been jointly developed by UTZ and the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT).

An other important difference lies in the distribution of responsibility along the supply chain. For example, for a trading company to be certified, it needs to systematically and closely monitor its supply chain, assuring that the growers and collectors it sources from work according to sustainable production and sourcing practices.

Who can join?

You can join the program when you are a:

  • farm, cooperative or association that collects or grows herbs for tea.
  • company that buys and processes herbs for tea.

Getting certified


To get a good understanding of what the program entails, please read the Program Guidance for UEBT/UTZ Herbal Tea. This document describes the overall structure of the program.

Contact UEBT and together define the approach best suited for you.


To get certified you need to register at both UEBT and UTZ.

  • First apply for membership at UEBT.
  • After which you can register at UTZ.


Use the Certification Checklist to check if you comply with the requirements for participating in the program. It defines the control points for the UEBT Internal Monitoring System (UEBT IMS). This system enables you to assess and monitor the herbal tea grower or collector.


One of your responsibilities is to make sure that the herb growers or collectors you work with comply with the requirements as defined in the Field Checklist.


Once you comply with the control points of the Certification Checklist and the suppliers in origin comply with the Field Checklist, you have to:

  • contact UEBT to jointly select a UEBT approved Certification Body (CB) to schedule the audit
  • receive the certification audit
  • implement corrections and corrective actions to resolve your non-conformities, when non-conformities are found during the audit.

Receive your certificate

Once your compliance with the UEBT/UTZ requirements is verified by the Certification Body, UEBT will report your certification to UTZ by sending a copy of the certificate and a summary of the findings of the audit. UEBT will request to UTZ, on your behalf, a license to trade in the UTZ system.

After UTZ verifies that all information is in order, UTZ will grant you the license that allows you to trade UTZ herbal tea and access the UTZ traceability system, the Good Inside Portal.

Good to know

Videos on how to use the UTZ traceability system

Each time you sell UTZ certified products, you need to record this in our online traceability system, the Good Inside Portal, by making a sales announcement. To quickly learn how to get started, visit the UTZ Academy for the user manual and “step by step” videos on how to use the traceability system (login as guest).

If you need any assistance on the Good Inside Portal, contact our support team at

Renew your certificate and license in time

Your certificate and your license in the Good Inside Portal will be valid for one year. In case you want to extend them, you will need to apply for a new certification and go through the auditing process again. Start the process at least 1 month before your certificate expires. Subsequent certification audits (or re-certification audits), must be conducted in the period spanning from 4 months before to 4 months after the expiry date of the certificate. If the audit is conducted outside of this period, the first harvest of that year cannot be certified. Please consult the Certification Protocol for more information.

Happy to have you on board!