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Your product’s packaging is an ambassador for your brand – there to get noticed, to communicate your brand values and provide consumers with information about your product. All of which makes it a good place to talk about sustainable sourcing. But packaging can get crowded – with nutritional and consumer information, logos and branding all jostling for space. Chances are you carefully chosen sustainability message gets lost. That’s why some of our partners are starting to look inside their packaging for a new solution.

More space, more impact

The inside of a product’s packaging can be a great place to talk about sustainability. There is usually plenty of space, fewer types of information competing for attention and consumers will often have more time to consider what they read. This means an opportunity to talk to consumers about sustainable sourcing in more depth than many other marketing channels allow.

Read the wrapper

HEMA, the Dutch retailer is one example of a brand taking the inside-pack approach. When consumers take off the wrapper from this HEMA chocolate bar, they can read about the company’s commitment to sustainably sourced cocoa for their chocolate, why this makes life better for farmers and follow links to more information.

Nestlé Dessert wrapper front and inside Nestlé France is another example. Once consumers open its Nestlé Dessert’s cooking chocolate they can read about Nestlé’s sustainability efforts through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan and its work with UTZ as well as recipes, social media links and competitions.

ForestFinance, an organisation which invests in sustainable forestry, has a chocolate range made with 100% UTZ certified cocoa from Bocas del Toro in Panama. On the outside of the pack, consumers see the UTZ logo while on the inside they can read about the region where the cocoa is grown, learn about the sustainable cocoa inside the ForestFinest chocolate and even see a picture of a cocoa farmer. A great example of storytelling!ForestFinest outside wrapper

ForestFinest inside wrapper

Inserts that speak sustainability

For a slightly different approach, Dallmayr coffee in Germany uses an insert under the lid of its coffee jars. This tells consumers about the type of coffee they’ve bought and its sustainability credentials, as well as displaying the UTZ logo.

Dallmayr coffee tin with insert

Curious to see more?

Our resource library has lots of ideas and examples from our partners around the globe. And we’re here to help – so do get in touch!