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Tatrakon is becoming the first Slovak UTZ certified manufacturer and brand owner to bring UTZ certified cocoa to the Slovak market.

As the first UTZ certified manufacturer in Slovakia, Tatrakon is producing cocoa cereals using UTZ certified segregated cocoa powder. This means that the cocoa powder has been separated from other non-certified cocoa powders throughout the entire manufacturing process (watch our video about the Tatrakon Hello Kitty UTZ cocoa productdifference between segregation and mass balance).

All of the cocoa cereals are Hello Kitty themed and come in three varieties; cocoa balls, shells and bears.

Responding to the market

Tatrakon is a prominent canned food and cereals company dating back to the Tatrakon Hello Kitty UTZ cocoa balls80s in Slovakia. With a respected position in the Slovak market, they are turning to UTZ to increase their commitment to sustainability and meet their customers’ values. Ms. Katarína Kacvinská, Managing Director of Tatrakon Poprad, explains why Tatrakon decided to partner with UTZ:

Tatrakon chose the UTZ certification with a goal to promote sustainable agricultural practices while expanding the market for our cereals. We believe that our customers will appreciate the assurance of the sustainable source of cocoa. We are very pleased to be the first company with UTZ certified products in Slovakia.

Customers can purchase Tatrakon’s UTZ labeled cereals in their e-shop or at Coop Jednota and Tempo supermarkets throughout Slovakia.

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