Launched in 2014, the UTZ Hazelnut program has been supporting farmers and companies in Turkey and Georgia on their efforts towards a more sustainable sector. Ever since, the program is driven by over 100 members and encloses some of the largest international buyers and producers. We are now ready for the next step and to go global.

Turkey remains the largest producer, and therefore our efforts and commitment in the country continue to be of great importance. However the industry sources more and more from other origins. ‘We started the program because of the challenges in Turkey and market demand from our existing cocoa members. Now we feel mature enough to spread to other countries and increase our outreach.’ Explains Leonie Haakshorst, Progam Manager Hazelnut.


Producing, selling or buying hazelnuts and interested in our program? Join us in our journey to a more sustainable hazelnut sector, with respect for people and planet.


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