We are very concerned about the increasing sociopolitical crisis ongoing in Nicaragua already for nearly three months and how it impacts our staff, members and partners there. We have taken safety measures, which include cancelling all trips in the country.

Within UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certification programs, there may be delays of recertification audits since the certification bodies are not able to travel to the field, should the situation of insecurity continue in the coming months. Furthermore, possible delays in exports of Nicaraguan products are expected since it is challenging to make shipments to the ports by land. We are exploring how to best support our Nicaraguan members in this situation.

We also had to suspend the implementation of all field activities of the Sector Partnerships Program in Nicaragua, including our projects with CAFENICA, CQI, FUNIDES and National Coffee Platform. All partners have expressed their concerns regarding the crisis in the country.

We wish safety and strength to all our staff and partners in Nicaragua and hope that the situation will improve as soon as possible.