The ISEAL Integrated Pest Management (IPM) coalition is pleased to announce the launch of the Pesticide Database. The data base contains a list of prohibited or restricted pesticides with information on their hazards and restriction status according to each standard system part of the IPM coalition.

Through this data base, the IPM coalition aims to contribute to the phasing-out of highly hazardous pesticides by increasing access to information on pesticides and knowledge on integrated pest management to producers who use pesticides, either directly or through entities that provide advisory or extension services to them.

What’s next

The next step is to develop information on alternatives to pesticides and to promote Integrated Pest Management through the IPM coalition platform. We aim to work with like-minded organizations that aim to reduce the use of pesticides and promote alternative forms of pest control. We also aim to work on the development of an app, which could eventually help us reach more users and form an online community to share knowledge on IPM.

Who we are

The IPM coalition is a combination of 9 organizations, all ISEAL members, striving to reduce or eliminate the use of Highly Hazardous Pesticides and to achieve a significant reduction of pesticide risks to health and the environment with effective standard and certification systems.

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