Prize-winning VR project Tree comes to Rotterdam

For the first time, the Dutch public will be able to experience the ambitious and prize-winning 4D virtual reality project Tree from October 25 through October 28 during the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam 2018 (WFFR). During this unique VR experience you can actually feel, smell and see what it is like to be a tree in the Peruvian rainforest.


Tree is a hyperrealistic first-person VR experience from the perspective of a majestic rainforest tree rising out from the canopy of the Peruvian Amazon. As a participant, you will feel your arms change into branches and your body into a trunk, seeing and feeling the fate of a large kapok tree. You will not only experience this using VR glasses, but you will also receive a real tree seed which you will plant during your VR experience. You step onto a vibrating circular platform and immediately find yourself in the grandeur of the Amazon rainforest. The glasses give you the feeling that you are growing up from the ground, up along the branches of other trees, rising to meet the sunlight above as a fully-grown tree. Through the addition of physical elements such as vibrations, warmth and wind, Tree allows you to experience the heartbreaking reality of worldwide deforestation: one of the most important causes of global warming.

Image during the Tree VR experience

Unique experience

Tree is a unique and ambitious project through which the film festival producers want to draw attention to the importance of our forests. Our forests and rainforests are crucial to the prevention of climate change and for maintaining a viable habitat for people, animals and plants. Tree can be seen and experienced by the public for the first time in the Netherlands from Thursday 25 October through Sunday 28 October in the Cinerama film theater in Rotterdam.

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The introduction of Tree in the Netherlands is made possible by FSC® Nederland, Rainforest Alliance and Beautiful Cups.