We are happy to announce the appointment of two new Supervisory Board (SB) members. The UTZ SB oversees the Executive Team and for a number of important matters, the SB’s approval is required before the Executive Team can pass resolutions. The Supervisory Board has a multi-stakeholder composition and should at a minimum, have members drawn from the following groups: production, the supply chain (including brands, processors, trade, retailers), civil society/non-governmental organization and representative trade unions.

Nina Haase is a German national who is the Head of Advocacy and Policy of WWF’s Market Transformation Initiative (MTI) and as such will represent civil society within our Supervisory Board. Ms Haase has close to 15 years’ experience working to address the drivers of ecosystem degradation and change through market based and policy initiatives. Ms Haase’s experience includes working for leading credible certification schemes, research and economic cooperation and development organizations. She holds an MSc in Sustainable Development from the London School of Economics and lived and worked in the USA, Germany, Indonesia and China, where she started her career as a lecturer in Political Sciences.

Jos de Loor is a Dutch national who led Cargill’s cocoa and chocolate business in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia for 10 years and as such will be a supply-chain representative in our Supervisory Board. During Mr de Loor’s period at Cargill he was one of the founding fathers of the UTZ cocoa program. His experience includes working in the oils and fats sector where he hold several management functions in Europe and Asia. Mr de Loor holds a master degree in Tropical Crop Breeding from the University of Wageningen, the Netherlands, and a master degree in Business Administration from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Sadly, at the same time we say goodbye to Richard Holland, Director Market Transformation Initiative at WWF, whose final term expired after an unprecedented 9 years on our Supervisory Board. (Since one of his terms he served as Chairman of the SB he was able to have three, rather than the usual 2 terms on our Supervisory Board.) We thank him for his many years of dedicated commitment and valuable contribution. He will be missed but we are happy to have found a very capable replacement in Ms Haase.

For more information on our Supervisory Board and governance structure please click here.