When two NGOs, with two different sustainability standards decide to merge, the best they can do is combine their strengths and expertise to create a new organization with a greater impact. That means, redefining the standards and getting the best possible people to support that process. In this spirit, the new Rainforest Alliance has gathered talented and experienced professionals, many of them involved in the pre-merger UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certification programs. The newly appointed Standard Committee represents various stakeholders such as producers, industry, NGO (or individual experts), Certification Bodies and staff representatives.

“These are exciting moments for the Standard Committee”, says Britta Wyss Bisang, Chief Sustainable Supply Chain Officer at the Rainforest Alliance, she adds, “the Committee is highly involved in the development of the new standard. In fact the Committee has just finalized the work on the Terms of References, allowing our technical staff to develop the first draft of the standard and to start an internal consultation. After this is completed we will do extensive external consultations with our stakeholders.”

New Rainforest Alliance Standard Committee and Rainforest Alliance standard experts, during their first meeting on May 2018

The Rainforest Alliance would like to thank the members of the new standard committee for their commitment and hard work during the last few months and those to come. “We wish the new Standard Committee good luck in the next steps of the development of the new standard. Which we believe, will have a greater social, environmental and economic impact, giving farmers and producers an enhanced framework to improve their livelihoods while protecting the landscapes where they live and work.” Britta concludes.

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External consultation with all our stakeholder groups is planned to start in the fall this year. A first draft of the standard will be published, and a full public consultation carried out. This will include workshops, and an open online survey. Stay tuned and contribute to the development of the new Rainforest Alliance Standard.

Find the new certification timeline and sign up for updates here.