We are pleased to announce that our partners and stakeholders can now have a say and contribute to the co-creation of the new Rainforest Alliance certification standard.

The Rainforest Alliance and UTZ merged earlier this year. We joined forces because we strongly believe that together we can be a better partner to the many stakeholders we work with and have an even bigger positive impact on the world. As part of that, we are working hard to build our new certification program. Our goal is to develop a standard that has a greater social, environmental, and economic impact, giving farmers and producers an enhanced framework that will help improve their livelihoods while protecting the landscapes where they live and work. The standard will integrate new technologies with proven, effective systems. It will also emphasize outcomes and adapt to local contexts.

But we will not be able to achieve our ambitious goal without the experience and knowledge of our partners. “Today we turn to you, and we ask you to help us co-create the basis for a greater social, environmental, and economic transformation,” Britta Wyss Bisang, Chief Sustainable Supply Chains Officer, said. “The merger is giving us the opportunity to not only create a joint standard, but to rethink the complete system in order to be more impactful.”

The first round of external consultation will be open until February 28, 2019. It will be made available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese in the coming days.

Here you can find the survey and Q&A with explanations and further details about the choices that informed the first draft of the standard.