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First round of public consultation for the new certification standard launches

We are pleased to announce that our partners and stakeholders can now have a say and contribute to the co-creation of the new Rainforest Alliance certification standard. The Rainforest Alliance and UTZ merged earlier this year. We joined forces because we strongly believe that together we can be a better partner to the many stakeholders […]

Stakeholders in coffee producing countries will benefit from GCP and Rainforest Alliance’s new long-term agreement

The Global Coffee Platform and the Rainforest Alliance have signed today [Nov.8, 2018] a partnership agreement for the next five years to support ‘National Platforms’ in coffee producing countries, as well as to identify opportunities at country level and tackle local priorities. The announcement was made during the Global Coffee Sustainability Conference 2018 taking place […]

National Coffee Platform Launches in Honduras

The Global Coffee Platform, Solidaridad and the Rainforest Alliance, gather to launch the Sustainable Coffee Platform in Honduras. The goal is to offer a collaborative space for the coffee sector to discuss the main challenges in the country. The platform gathers over 30 members from both the private and public sector.

Een leefbaar loon voor iedereen

Een recent rapport dat in Nederland is gepubliceerd zegt dat werknemers in de landbouw onvoldoende verdienen om in hun basisbehoeften te voorzien. De bevordering van betere werkomstandigheden is een essentieel onderdeel van het Rainforest Alliance-programma. Daarom eisen we dat landbouwbedrijven vooruitgang boeken in het betalen van een leefbaar loon aan werknemers. Wij geloven dat een […]

Look and feel like a tree in the rainforest during WFFR 2018

Prize-winning VR project Tree comes to Rotterdam For the first time, the Dutch public will be able to experience the ambitious and prize-winning 4D virtual reality project Tree from October 25 through October 28 during the Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam 2018 (WFFR). During this unique VR experience you can actually feel, smell and see what […]

The Rainforest Alliance statement on current low coffee prices

International coffee prices have recently hit their lowest levels for 12 years, and according to representatives of coffee producers in Colombia and Brazil are now below production costs.  These declining prices are having a devastating impact on the 25 million coffee families worldwide and on the landscapes they help to manage and depend on. At […]

Earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia

The Rainforest Alliance extends its deepest condolences to the families of those who were killed in the September 28 tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia, following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. We have been watching with dismay as the death toll rises in an area where we have worked for many years. We are also deeply concerned about […]

Sociopolitical crisis in Nicaragua affects people and the Rainforest Alliance’s work

We are very concerned about the increasing sociopolitical crisis ongoing in Nicaragua already for nearly five months and how it impacts our staff, members and partners there. We have taken safety measures to protect our staff, such as limited travel. Within UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certification programs, there may be delays of recertification audits since the […]

A better and improved certification standard starts with having the right people

When two NGOs, with two different sustainability standards decide to merge, the best they can do is combine their strengths and expertise to create a new organization with a greater impact. That means, redefining the standards and getting the best possible people to support that process. In this spirit, the new Rainforest Alliance has gathered […]

Sector change starts with collaboration – Launch of the Kenya Coffee Platform.

700,000 small-scale farmers in Kenya earn a living from coffee production. The sector contributes to 1% to the national GDP and 8% of the total agricultural export earnings. But the challenges the sector faces are big: low productivity, high cost of production, weak farmer groups, climate change, systemic poverty, aging coffee trees and farmers, social […]

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