Women play a vital role in agriculture around the world but often face more challenges than men. Improving the lives of women farmers can have a major impact not just for the women themselves but also their families and whole communities. At UTZ we see the importance of supporting women farmers and workers around the world and work on gender equity through UTZ certification.

Women farmers are often excluded from landownership, and don’t have the access they need to resources, training and quality fertilizers and seeds. They are less likely to be members of co-operatives and more likely to miss out on the benefits of certification. They often experience discrimination both at work and in their home lives.

To tackle this, we aim to increase the numbers of women farmers joining UTZ, to help more women farmers and workers to access benefits such as training and to reduce discrimination, harassment and violence against women in the farms and plantations where we operate.

Meet Kalimuthu, Lucia & Gnamien

Read the powerful stories of three female tea farmers from different parts of the world. Kalimuthu Saraswathy (48), is a tea plucker at Highforest Estate, Sri Lanka. She explains the difference UTZ has made to her life. Lucia Zari from Honde Valley Tea Growers Association in Zimbabwe talking about the benefits of joining UTZ. And Gnamien Konan Christine, is a Cooperative Accountant overseeing the finances for her co-operative in Côte d’Ivoire.

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Highlight the role of women in farming

Looking for ways to engage consumers and colleagues on the difference sustainable sourcing can make to women’s lives? You can use these and more farmer testimonials in your communications and for our cocoa partners we also have a 1 minute video on women in UTZ cocoa farming.