With our 2016 annual report out this week, we sat down for a cup of coffee with Han de Groot, Executive Director of UTZ. We looked at some of the highlights of the last year, and saw how great things become possible when we work together.

Big problems need big solutions

Han is realistic about the scale of the challenges we face when looking at sustainability on a global scale. “Let’s not kid ourselves,” he says. “The problems are big. Climate change, wages, gender inequality, the list goes on and on.” These issues also have direct implications for the bottom line of many companies: “These issues pose a real threat to the supply of ingredients like cocoa, coffee and tea,” says Han.

But he is optimistic about the future: “Now is the time to take action for more responsible production, and 2016 showed that great things become possible when we work together. Our annual report brings together stories that show how certification acts as a catalyst for change in farming communities, throughout supply chains, and across sectors. It brings people together and lays the foundations for innovation.”

Growing reach

The report also highlights the growing reach of UTZ. We work with more farmers, workers and companies than ever before.

Better together

“None of this would have been possible for UTZ alone; the stories in the report show what we have achieved together with our partners and stakeholders.”

We look forward to even bigger and better things in the year to come!

2016 in facts & figures

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