Did you know that global coffee production is at risk? Climate change, pests and diseases and urbanization are just some of the issues that are not easily solved. But there is one thing we know: by sourcing sustainably produced coffee you are not only helping to secure your future supply of coffee but also contributing to improving the lives of farmers.

A new study among Brazilian coffee farmers shows the positive impact of UTZ certification on farmers. More than 90% of those interviewed stated that they believed it was worth joining the program, as well as, recommending UTZ certification to other farmers.

the program had been beneficial to them and that they would recommend it to other farmers. The main effects of certification are noted in improved management, which provides the basis for many other benefits such as more efficient farming, reduced costs and better access to markets.

Maria Aparecida Silva, owner of Sítio Ribeirão da Onça states:

“As head of the family, I have to look at good profitability to make sure we have enough in the future. Only through good management is this possible.”

“As head of family, I have to look at good profitability to make sure we have enough in the future. Only though good management this is possible. Coffee has always been our traditional cash crop and quality increase is definitely one of the objectives, so we need to make more with less. Maintaining natural resources such as our set aside land and water sources is also vital to our living. UTZ gives us good management tools, and with the support of Caminho Sustentia, we believe enough growth is supported to our professionalization. With the structure of UTZ program, it is clear where improvements are needed. This capacity, specially for smallholder farming is key.”

Maria Aparecida Silva with her son and grandson

The report shows that the majority of farmers interviewed intend to continue in the program, with over 60% stating that UTZ certification has contributed to establishing long term trade relations; a win-win situation for everyone.


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