Updated on August 8, 2019

As we re-imagine our certification program, finding more effective and data-driven technologies is crucial in our efforts to combat human rights abuses, poverty, deforestation and the climate crisis on a global scale. As part of these innovations, we introduced our new traceability platform MultiTrace to improve supply chain sustainability. Through a guided process, MultiTrace aims to support a new and improved way of working between the Rainforest Alliance and certification bodies, farmers, and companies to ensure better data quality, accessibility, and transparency.

The system replaces the Good inside Portal and is currently available for companies sourcing UTZ certified coffee and hazelnut. The aim is to implement MultiTrace for coffee, cocoa, and tea sourced under the new Rainforest Alliance certification program in the next years.

What can MultiTrace do for your company?

Traceability benefits consumers, businesses, and farmers. It helps consumers access transparent data about the products they purchase which is crucial to build trust and strengthen the reputation of companies committed to sustainability. Companies can also use traceability technologies to monitor their supply chains, identify possible weak points, and work on further improvements. Last but not least, farmers can track farm development and access new markets through traceability.

MultiTrace is a data-driven, future-proof traceability platform facilitating our members’ growing demand for credible data from certified farms. The system provides our stakeholders with relevant data through an easy to use interface and gives guidance tailored to your company’s profile. MultiTrace also facilitates communication between certification bodies and the Rainforest Alliance, therefore, making the administration process faster.

The future of traceability

MultiTrace lays the foundation for future innovations. In our new vision of certification, the data flow starts at the farmer and remains transparent, reliable, and accessible to our valued customers. The future ability to access farmer data and tap into other data sources will create a more holistic view of the supply chain. The Rainforest Alliance will continue to work on facilitating better insights to act upon so that together with our stakeholders we can contribute to a world where people and nature thrive in harmony.

For questions related to the use of Multitrace or other traceability related issues, contact us at techsupport@utz.org.