As we are reimagining the Rainforest Alliance certification program, we’ve been looking at how we can optimize our tools and systems through data-driven technologies. Included in that is revising how we approach supply chain traceability. Enter our new MultiTrace certification and traceability system. This system is replacing the Good Inside Portal and is currently available for companies and farmers sourcing UTZ certified coffee and hazelnuts. The aim is to implement MultiTrace for coffee, cocoa, and tea sourced under the new Rainforest Alliance certification program in the next years.

Learn how MultiTrace works in our new e-course

To learn more about MultiTrace, companies can now enroll in our new e-course that walks you through the system, step by step. The course consists of five modules, each explaining different functionalities in MultiTrace. It is designed for all companies and farmers who are or will be using MultiTrace to monitor their transactions of UTZ certified coffee and hazelnuts and submit labeling approval requests.

MultiTrace: the future of supply chain traceability

MultiTrace is a data-driven, future-proof traceability platform facilitating our company partners’ growing demand for credible data from certified farms. The system provides relevant data through an easy to use interface and gives guidance tailored to your company’s profile. MultiTrace will benefit your company by helping you better monitor your supply chains, identify possible weak points, and work on further improvements. It will also facilitate communication between certification bodies and the Rainforest Alliance, thereby, making the administration process faster and easier.

How to enroll

Start the course and learn more about MultiTrace today! If you are not yet registered with the UTZ Academy Online, you must register first.

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