Updated on June 18, 2019

A growing number of businesses today see the benefits of certification and the results it can achieve. But actually understanding how a certification process works, is often a different story. With different standards, actors and activities to consider, breaking down the steps to certification can be complicated. That’s why we’ve created an infographic to translate the UTZ certification process into an easy to grasp visual.

With a look at our simplified certification process, you can quickly explain to colleagues and customers alike how the many moving parts of UTZ certification are connected and work together to create a better product and life for all.

Infographic UTZ certification flow

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Certification on the farm side

UTZ certification begins with a set of standards: one for farmers and one for supply chain actors. The UTZ Code of Conduct details the practices farmers must follow. Local capacity builders train farmers on sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring that farming methods and working conditions contribute to better care for the environment and future generations.

Certification on the business side

The UTZ Chain of Custody outlines the different administrative and physical traceability requirements that supply chain actors, including processing facilities, traders and manufacturers, must comply with. Certification bodies who are trained by us in what to look out for audit supply chain actors against the UTZ Chain of Custody and farmers against the UTZ Code of Conduct.

Keeping track of it all

All of these activities are further validated by the UTZ traceability systems: MultiTrace (for coffee and hazlenut) and the Good Inside Portal (for cocoa and tea). This is where farmers and supply chain actors register their transactions in our online traceability system, enabling certified coffee, cocoa, tea and hazelnuts to be tracked through the supply chain back to its origin. This is what ultimately ensures that each UTZ certified product is what it says it is.

Share how it works

Use this visual (also available in German) in your internal and external communications to explain to your colleagues and customers how UTZ certification works.

Have any more questions about how it all works? Read about the topic in more detail or send us an email.