When sourcing products for your customers or your brand, there are many things to consider. Between managing budgets and ensuring a long-term supply of goods, it may seem like considering sustainability is just one more thing to add to the pile. But as sourcing practices streamline and shift towards transparency, sustainability standards are becoming increasingly valuable business tools.

A survey of 101 business leaders conducted by ISEAL Alliance, a business tiny bitglobal membership association for sustainability standards, revealed that 70% see a strong business case for standards or believe that standards deliver value to the companies that use them.

As more and more businesses begin to recognize the benefits of sustainability frameworks, UTZ is here to help these companies get the most out of certification standards and implement them with ease.

If you need more convincing, here’s five reasons why UTZ is a smart choice for your certification and sustainability needs:

1. Low Costs

UTZ understands the importance of a tight budget and a healthy bottom line. That’s why our organizational structure is designed to be lean and mean. We cut out many overhead costs and pass on the savings to our customers. If you choose to work with UTZ, you’ll never be charged to use our logo and farmers can enter our program without any membership fee. We also work with a wide variety of third-party certification bodies Everybody_benefitstokeep auditing costs low.

2. Availability

With UTZ, sourcing sustainably doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality that you as a brand want and that your customers deserve. Working with a wide array of farms all over the world, we ensure a large availability from 30+ origins to meet all of your flavor and quality needs.  Even specialty, award-winning coffee isn’t out of our reach.

3. Traceability

What-we-offer_Certification_ProductsTrack your products throughout the entire supply chain with UTZ’s real-time traceability system. This transparency throughout the system is more than just a tool for optimizing the supply chain, it also mitigates risk by allowing businesses to identify possible weak spots as they appear and work on further improvements.

4. Credibility

At UTZ, a strict adherence to our code of conduct and guidelines throughout the supply chain is crucial. That’s why audits are performed regularly by third-party organizations to ensure our standards are being upheld. We know that certification means nothing without consistent monitoring, so we take this part of our job very seriously to ensure our Coffee farmer Hondurascertification protocols are being met.

5. Empowering Farmers

Farmers are the base of the supply chain, and when the root is strong, everything prospers. UTZ is dedicated to improving the lives of farmers around the world through empowerment and education. By training farmers on better farming and business practices, we give them the tools to be better businessmen and entrepreneurs. This, in turn, creates more resilient farms and better living and working conditions for communities. It’s this ripple effect that’s felt all the way up the supply chain.

Still have questions about how UTZ can help your business? Want more details? Get in touch at marketing@utz.org for our latest sales statistics, supply and demand overview, and more.