Rooibos is a plant unique to South Africa and an herbal tea that’s been increasing in popularity all around the world. It’s also been part of the UTZ program since 2010. Learn more about this distinctive ‘redbush’, from who produces it to the challenges facing the sector and what we as an organization are doing about it.

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Voices from the field

Rooibos: 2 farmers, 6 quick fire questions

Willie Nel owns a large rooibos plantation in Western Cape, South Africa, while father and son team Niklaas and Andries Slinger own a smaller plantation. Both are UTZ certified, but do they face the same benefits and challenges? We fired some quick questions at them to find out.

Certification helps guarantee rooibos production

South African manufacturer and producer Carmién Tea is one of the leading names in the rooibos industry. Established in 1998, the company’s founder and Managing Director Mientjie Mouton is keen to ensure the future production of this unique crop through sustainable farming practices. uses cookies
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