Everything you need to know about herbal tea

Herbal teas are becoming more and more popular. But what distinguishes herbal tea from normal tea? We go over everything you need to know about this diverse and growing industry, from its origins to the challenges it faces today and what UTZ is doing about it.

Your questions answered

Why do I pay more for certified herbal tea?

More and more consumers are enjoying the taste and wellbeing benefits of herbal teas. The first UEBT/UTZ certified herbal teas were brought to the market in 2015. But why does it cost more to buy a certified cup of herbal tea? And is it worth it?

Martin Bauer: setting the standard for herbal teas

Martin Bauer is a leading supplier of teas, extracts and botanicals. After introducing their own sustainability standard for herbal teas, they partnered with UTZ to extend their market reach and credibility. Managing Director Sebastian Sieben explains the process.

Now we see an impact in the market, and more importantly on people, product and the environment. To see improvements ‘live’ and on site is the best motivation for our employees and our customers.
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