“15 years ago, it was an inspiration for us to go through difficult times and see the light at the end of the tunnel. UTZ made us stronger, and connected to the world. Now it’s a critical mass that’s taking over, and it’s inspirational.” Reflections of the first UTZ coffee farmer in Colombia as we celebrate 15 years of UTZ.

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Voices from the field

Harvesting hazelnuts: a 3-day diary

During the busy weeks of harvest everything comes together for the hazelnut sector in Turkey. UTZ’ Ana Pamela Delgadillo traveled to the largest hazelnut producing city where she spoke to farmers and visited a summer school for children of migrant workers. Read her diary.

Everything you need to know about hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are in many of our favorite treats, but do you know how they’re produced? How about where? With our recent expansion into the hazelnut sector, we tell you everything you need to know about hazelnuts and the sustainability needs around their production.

Leonie Haakshorst
Your questions answered

Why is the UTZ program working towards a sustainable hazelnut sector?

Most hazelnuts are sourced by European confectionary companies. Many of these companies have already committed to sourcing 100% UTZ certified cocoa and indicated their interest to sourcing sustainable hazelnuts too. And so the UTZ hazelnut program was born. Find out about the challenges and the way forward.

Chocolates before Easter and toys before Christmas

Swiss retail giant Migros chose to work with UTZ in 2008 because of its approach. First coffee, then chocolates, followed by tea and since 2015, hazelnuts. More than a hot topic or trend, UTZ was the answer for Migros’ sustainability needs and is well received by employees and customers alike.

The employee reaction to our sustainability commitments? It’s been strong at 90% positive!
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