If you’re sourcing UTZ certified coffee or hazelnuts make sure you follow our new e-courses for MultiTrace. These courses will walk you through the system, step by step. MultiTrace is a data-driven, future-proof traceability platform facilitating our company partners’ growing demand for credible data from certified farms.

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Daan de Vries
Your Questions Answered

How can digital technology improve supply chain sustainability?

How can digitization be best used by companies that want to tackle critical issues in their supply chains? Daan de Vries, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer talks about bringing technology and the power of data into sustainable supply chain management and the importance of joining forces to scale up digitization in the field.

Voices from the Field

In their shoes: three perspectives on working in hazelnuts

What is it like to be a member of the UTZ hazelnut program in Turkey? Does it change a way of thinking and what does it bring to farmers and workers? We take a walk in the shoes of exporter Şenocak and the farmers Hamza Furtun and Sabahattin Ilgun to find out.

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