Telling your sustainability story is all about having the right resources, whether that be stats, visuals, testimonials or presentations. It’s the little details that bring your story to life. At UTZ, we have a resource library designed with the purpose of giving your company everything it needs to tell your CSR story to both colleagues and customers. Below we go over all you need to know about making the most of this section of our website so you can highlight the contribution you are making with your commitment to sustainability.

What’s in the resource library

The UTZ resource library is filled with marketing and communications materials. Whether you are looking for ready-to-use materials or building blocks to create your own, you can search for what you need or filter based on e.g. region, products or category. Here is a selection of our marketing and communications materials that could be of interest to you:

UTZ tea farmer quote Kalimuthu Saraswathy Sri LankaFarmer testimonials

Visuals of UTZ coffee, cocoa, tea and hazelnut farmers from different countries around the world with quotes about their experience with the UTZ program.

Webinar handouts

Find the slides with spoken text from our webinars that dive into a wide variety of topics and issues such as ‘The ins and outs of mass balance’, ‘How to boost your sustainably story’ or ‘Climate Change’. A link to the recording of the webinar can be found in the handouts too.

Employee engagement

Educate and engage your colleagues about sustainability and the UTZ program with fun quizzes and guidance documents.

InfographicsInfographic Child Labor (portrait)

  • General infographics: explanatory visuals of UTZ terms and processes like the UTZ certification flow, the cost of certification, mass balance and more.
  • Topics: visualization of how we work to tackle certain major global issues like child labor
  • Impact facts: short visual snippets of our impact studies to use in CSR reports or presentations. See the article Powerful Impact facts made visual for more info on these.
  • Facts & figures: visuals that show the fact and figures about the reach of each UTZ program.

Key messages

Download the main takeaways of UTZ written out in different lengths so that you can easily describe UTZ and the UTZ program in your communications.

Corporate logo

Another important resource to use in highlighting your company’s collaboration with UTZ. You’ll find the corporate logo here, for our product specific logos to be used on-pack, contact our Member Support team.

Please note: all our videos are hosted on our YouTube channel.

Where to find it

The resource library can be found on the main UTZ website. Use the search bar at the top of the page to find what you’re looking for or scroll down to ‘Main Categories’ in the left-hand menu and click on ‘Marketing and Communication Toolkit’ to find materials to support your story-telling. All items are free to download and use from there.

Alternatively you can access some predefined marketing toolkits from the filter bar on the homepage of the Better Business Hub. Whether you are looking for materials on child labor, climate change or mass balance, you’ll find all materials related to these topics together at the click of a button!

The majority of UTZ materials are in English, but don’t worry, we can help translate any of these documents into your language of choice. Simply drop us a line at We are happy to help directly with translations or provide the open source documents so you can make your own.

We kindly ask you to share your communication with UTZ before publishing to safeguard the credibility of both the UTZ program and your brand.

Give it a spin

Visit the resource library today and discover marketing and communication materials that can help get your message across. Any questions about how to frame things or best take advantage of the resources? Reach out at Are you missing something? Let us know!