Sustainability is more than just a word at Julius Meinl Group. It forms a fundamental part of how they work. For them, sustainability means premium quality and best service. We talked to Simone Favero, Brand Ambassador at Julius Meinl Italy about bringing sustainable coffee to the Italian market.

About Julius Meinl
Julius Meinl is a leading coffee company in Austria, Italy, Central and Eastern Europe operating in over 70 countries worldwide. Its business focuses on coffee, tea and fruit preserves. The coffees are roasted in Italy and Austria.

The Julius Meinl Group launched its line of sustainably sourced UTZ coffee in 2016.

“Sustainability is in the DNA of Julius Meinl Group. Our mission is to contribute to making the world a more poetic and hence better place, for us and future generations, in small but meaningful steps,” says Simone.

“We believe sustainability is a must-have for the market in order to maintain the promise of best quality and best service to ourselves and to all our stakeholders, to accelerate new client acquisition and further strengthen our brand’s leading position.”

Sustainable sourcing – point of difference

At Julius Meinl, UTZ is considered the most important sustainability certification globally and at the same time allows them to make a difference in the Italian HoReCa coffee market where this certification is still not so spread as in other European countries.

For Simone the decision is clear: “We chose UTZ to launch first Cafè Expert Supreme, in July 2016, one of our top premium coffees, and then New 1862 Premium in November, our luxury product, in order to emphasize the importance of this quality certification and the premium nature of our products.”

“Innovation is at the centre of the Julius Meinl brand so all our colleagues embraced this project with enthusiasm. Our sales agents were the first to boost and explain the UTZ philosophy in the HoReCa market because they believe this certification ensures a competitive advantage for our customers and for the final consumer.”

What next for Julius Meinl Italy and UTZ?

Given the positive reception so far, Simone indicates that they will expand their range with more UTZ certified coffees and teas in the future. “Italian customers and final consumers are more and more aware of the importance of sustainability. They know a lot about the organic label and are keen to get more information about the UTZ concept. They like the fact that UTZ has a complete vision for the wellbeing of everyone related to the production of coffee.”

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