This February Nestlé’s KitKat became the first global confectionary brand to source 100% sustainable cocoa. To celebrate and to raise awareness of the Nestlé Cocoa Plan (NCP), KitKat launched a fun social media campaign featuring Didier Drogba, the famous Ivory Coast footballer. The goal – to show consumers how enjoying a break with KitKat helps to make life better for cocoa farmers and their families.

Making it real for consumers

The campaign features four short documentary-style films shot on location in the Ivory Coast. Each one is hosted by YouTube blogger Louis Cole, whose video blog, ‘Fun for Louis’, has over 1.7 million followers. The films raise awareness of the NCP in an engaging way and make it real for consumers – showing the difference the NCP makes on issues that consumers care about such as education, women’s empowerment and eliminating child labor.

Kitkat back of packStewart Dryburgh, Nestlé’s global category leader of KitKat explains: “KitKat is our biggest confectionery brand and our consumers are increasingly socially conscious. With this campaign we want to show them that by taking a break with a KitKat they’re helping cocoa farmers and their families. Importantly we wanted to give them this information in an engaging and relevant way.”

Four films – many channels

The first film features Didier Drogba returning to the Ivory Coast to surprise pupils at a rural school that was built by the NCP and join them in a game of football. The twist – the game uses a special Sockett Ball that generates and stores electricity and can be used to power an LED light bulb. Nestlé has already built 42 schools in the Ivory Coast since 2012, and is now donating about 50 Sockett Balls to communities where homes lack a reliable electricity supply. With the Sockett ball, kids have a source of light that they can use to finish their homework or read a book after dark.

Siriki Diakité from UTZ (right) and the Nestlé Cocoa Plan manager talk about better farming practices with blogger Louis Cole.

Siriki Diakité from UTZ (right) and the Nestlé Cocoa Plan manager talk about better farming practices with blogger Louis Cole.

A further three films explore the pillars of the Nestlé Cocoa Plan: Better lives – improving social conditions for cocoa farmers and their families; Better farming – enabling more profitable farms for farmers; and Better cocoa – developing a sustainable cocoa supply chain. Extracts from the films as well as content generated by KitKat fans during the campaign will be shared via Nestlé’s social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

What did UTZ do?

UTZ has been working with Nestlé on sustainable sourcing since 2007 and was involved in developing the campaign. Our representative in Ivory Coast, Siriki Diakité, also featured in one of the campaign films, explaining how UTZ collaborates with Nestlé. Stewart Dryburgh comments:

UTZ is a key partner to Nestlé in our work on sustainable cocoa sourcing, ensuring traceability and helping professionalize the cocoa supply chain. Working with UTZ on the campaign and our Nestlé Cocoa Plan adds credibility to our efforts.

Want to get your campaign out?

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