NOMU, the premium food company from South Africa, has always taken pride in its quality ingredients and likes to share its sustainability successes with customers. We caught up with Paul Raphaely, NOMU’s Director to find out more and hear what they’ve learned about communicating sustainability.

Inventive and positive messaging

NOMU director Paul Raphaely South Africa

Paul Raphaely

Like many brands, NOMU has found that it’s not always easy to engage consumers on sustainability. “Consumers are interested but not yet completely compelled by sustainability” says Paul. “UTZ is not yet well known enough in South Africa to create that instant recognition. We believe NOMU has to help in developing this consciousness among the broader public.”

But Paul is optimistic. “We can overcome these challenges with persistent and continuous communication, coupled with inventive and positive messaging. We just need to keep finding new ways to make the subject engaging and interesting.”

NOMU Facebook post - A good reason to eat more chocolate

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Sustainable sourcing – a point of difference

NOMU shares its sustainability credentials with consumers through the UTZ label on product packs, its blog and its social media channels.  A recent Facebook campaign offered 15% off all NOMU’s UTZ Certified products, with appealing images of NOMU’s products helping to sell the concept. The campaign gave a noticeable boost to web traffic and sales.

Promotion visual NOMU FB campaign - 15% off UTZ labeled products

“We believe that our work with UTZ provides a distinctive point of difference, says Paul. “It is an interesting feature that adds significant credibility and value to the products and the NOMU brand.”

A personal preference for sustainability

Promotion visual NOMU Facebook campaignNOMU has been working with UTZ since 2013 to source 100% sustainable cocoa for its chocolate products including drinks and baking kits. For NOMU, sustainable sourcing starts as personal preference, as Paul explains.

“NOMU is an authentic, owner-run brand. It is inspired by the personal tastes of its owners. We develop products that we like and when we are able to match our flavour requirements to outstanding ingredient sources, underpinned by strong sustainability and environmental responsibility, this is a massive bonus for us.”

What next for NOMU and UTZ?

Paul also gave us an insight into their next product launch – a new UTZ certified cocoa-based beverage. But we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out the details. “We are very excited about this next launch, which will be an innovation in how people approach hot chocolate. But until it is 100% ready, we won’t be sharing much more than that!” So watch this space!

Find out more

Find out more about NOMU on their website or visit their Facebook page. If you’re planning your own sustainability campaign and need some ideas, get in touch with us at!