IKEA announced they are going ‘all in’ with sustainable coffee as they launch a coffee range that is both UTZ certified and EU Organic certified this month. The new range is called PÅTÅR and is a series of five different coffee products which will be sold in their Swedish Food Market. IKEA has been selling UTZ certified coffee since 2008, and by adding the Organic certification, they are taking the next step in sustainable coffee.

IKEA UTZ and Organic certified PÅTÅR coffee pakages”The IKEA commitment to UTZ certified and Organic coffee is an inspiring example of how different certification schemes can complement and support each other and jointly strengthen a company’s road towards sustainability,” Han de Groot, Executive Director of UTZ, said of the new initiative.

One coffee range with a big impact

Jacqueline Macalister, Health & Sustainability Manager at IKEA Food Services, shares the brand’s excitement for the launch;

“I’m really happy we can now offer our customers this combination of UTZ and Organic throughout our coffee range,” she said. “Sourcing UTZ certified and organic coffee is part of the IKEA efforts to ensure food ingredients are from responsible and more sustainable sources, produced under good labour conditions for farmers and workers while protecting the environment.”

Brewing IKEA UTZ and Organic certified PÅTÅR coffee

IKEA is a name in home furnishing and Swedish food across the world, and with 390 stores and 650 million customers enjoying the IKEA food offer every year, their actions make a global impact. The PÅTÅR coffee range features 250 gram bags of their signature coffee blend and two varieties of espresso blends. It also includes two 500 gram bags of filter coffee blends in medium and dark roast.

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