Tastemakers is launching a new collaboration with Makro and Royal Buisman this month with the creation of a new Christmas gift box theme. Tastemakers is a Dutch brand that designs custom themed gift boxes for a variety of companies. All of the items in the themes are selected with quality and, increasingly, sustainability in mind.

“For Tastemakers, sustainability has a growing importance in selecting the products we bring to the market,” said Maria de Jong, Marketing Manager at Tastemakers. “For example most of the chocolate and coffee we use is UTZ certified, products should have less additives, and, when possible, we use organic products.”

Tastemakers Christmas gift-box with UTZ labeled Buisman coffeeVariations on a theme

For the Dutch wholesale retailing giant, Makro, this means a custom gift box theme tailored around the concept ‘With Compliments’. From cheese bites to whipped cream, the theme contains a wide assortment of 17 products all in distinctive packaging with motivational sayings that encourage people to “keep going” and “rise and shine.” The UTZ labeled Royal Buisman coffee in the assortment is a Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino blend developed in collaboration with Tastemakers specifically for the gift box. It’s packaging reminds people that “Every day is a fresh start.”

The extra becomes essential

For Tastemakers, making food special is not only their tagline, but also at the heart of what they do. Maria explains how that philosophy translates in their choice to use UTZ labeled products:

The UTZ certificate gives an extra dimension to this gift box, but it actually is an essential part of all the coffee products we have in our assortment.

The ‘With Compliments’ gift box theme is available online and at Makro stores throughout the Netherlands.