Updated on August 27, 2019

The first sip of your morning coffee. That mid-afternoon tea break. A bite of your favorite chocolate bar after dinner. These little moments we carve out for ourselves give us a boost and brighten our days, and it’s these feel good moments that have the potential to enlighten more than just our taste buds. Our choices in the grocery store create a ripple effect down the supply chain and have the opportunity to create a better life for farmers and the environment. And that’s why when people ask us, “Why are certified products better than conventional?” We tell them how their feel good moment can feel even better when they know they are contributing to better lives for all. To help illustrate this point, we’ve created three infographics that show the complete journey of UTZ certified coffee, cocoa and tea. Take a look below and see how your feel good moment extends beyond just you.

The path from farm to cup

UTZ Feel Good Moment cocoa UTZ Feel Good Moment coffee UTZ Feel Good Moment tea

Whether you enjoy cocoa, coffee or tea, the same UTZ principles apply. At the top of the infographic, you can see the path of your morning coffee (or tea, or cocoa) from cup to farm. With every sip, you can feel good that your coffee comes from a farmer creating better working conditions for his workers, using more sustainable farming methods and investing in future generations. It’s this responsible production that is packaged up and shipped to your local store, where you have a chance to make a meaningful purchase, one that makes your first sip taste even better.

How change is made

Below this chain of events, we see UTZ’s “Wheel of Change”, our simplified theory of change. At the farm level, the UTZ program ensures that farmers implement better farming practices that contribute to better crop, better income, better environment, and ultimately, a better life for all involved in this loop. With these practices, it is our goal to help make sustainable farming the norm. We envision a world where farmers implement good agricultural practices and manage their farms profitably with respect for people and planet; industry invests in and rewards sustainable production, and consumers can enjoy and trust the products they buy.

Download the infographics

Help your customers see beyond their cup the next time they take their morning sip. Use these infographics (available in English, German, French and Italian) to illustrate the benefit of choosing your UTZ certified products for their daily treats. You can either use our ready-to-use materials free of charge or create your own. We’ll be happy to advise you. We can also provide you with the open files, so you can copy and paste the bits you need. Simply contact us.