Many consumers aren’t aware that by choosing UTZ coffee, cocoa and tea they’re helping farmers adapt to climate change. That’s because UTZ training and climate projects give farmers the knowledge and tools they need to cope with changing rainfall patterns and rising temperatures.

Want to get the climate message out to customers? We have a marketing toolkit to support you!

Take a look at the toolkit, which is full of content and resources. It includes for example farmer testimonials and a great summary of why climate change is bad news for coffee, tea and cocoa farming and what we’re doing to tackle that.

UTZ coffee farmer quote Pham van Hoan VietnamYou’ll also find information on our climate projects such as Coffee Climate Care in Vietnam where farmers are successfully adapting to a changing climate by planting shade trees, installing wind breaks, covering crops, and improving irrigation and fertilizer management. Another example is the Energy from Coffee Waste Water project we did in Sosial media visual - climate change cocoaCentral America.

Download our social media visuals to raise awareness about the impact of climate change in coffee, cocoa and tea production through your social channels.

Did you miss our webinar on sustainable farming and climate change? No worries! Watch the recording or download the presentation. (Also available in German and Italian.)

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